Friday, February 22, 2008

My lovely Ivy BB again

Hey, my family suppose to have a garthering tomorrow, but my father & mother is travelling and I'm very busy this day and...........anyway, the coming garthering is cancelled. That means I will not meet Ivy and my sister tomorrow! Oh, BB, will you miss your uncle Jack???

My lovely Ivy BB

Who's SHE? She's my second sister's daughter. She's 2yrs and some ....mouths old. How can you imagine a baby so sweetie like her?!

So, what's she doing this day? Well, let me see........ok, what's time is it? It's 7:00 P.M., then Ivy should have her dinner right now. I don't know that will she have her dinner smoothly, cause I know it is not that easy to let our sweet heart to finish it "GENERALLY", ha.

Let me see, I think today is enough for introducing the little BB, may be I will tell you more about HER tomorrow!

PS.: BB 好好笑

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